Crucial Areas to Inspect an Imported Used Car

While most people prefer to buy a used car locally, others do not mind importing. One advantage of buying locally is the ability to inspect a vehicle before signing on the dotted line. However, it does not mean that importing a used car is a risky business. If you are dealing with a credible seller, there is nothing to worry about. That said, it is crucial to take a used car for servicing immediately it arrives to avoid costly repairs moving forward. This article highlights critical areas to check when servicing an imported used car.


When importing a used car, particularly from Asia or Europe, most buyers do not realise that the vehicles come with winter tyres. Unlike regular tyres, winter tyres tend to wear out fast, which forces you to replace them a few months down the line. Therefore, the first thing your mechanic should work on during the initial car service is to replace the tyres. Most importantly, choose an auto shop with reasonable offers and a wide array of tyres with full warranty. It will ensure you find tyres that match your car's profile and driving needs.

Body Buffing  

Imported cars are typically transported in roll-on/roll-off ships — RORO — and can take several months before arriving at their destination. It is especially the case if a cargo ship has to make several stopovers along its route. During transportation, the salty atmosphere of the ocean exposes a car's body to oxidation, thereby leading to colour fading or rusting in some cases. Therefore, once your vehicle arrives, you need to restore the lost sheen, and the best time to do this is during the initial car service. A mechanic will use an anti-oxidation compound to buff and rejuvenate a car to its original look.

Shock Absorbers 

Assuming that imported cars come equipped with the best shock absorbers is being naïve. The reason is that overseas sellers usually replace the existing shocks with standard options. Although conventional shock absorbers work as designed, they are not the best, especially if you plan to drive in the Australian outback. Notably, standard suspensions tend to wear out fast because they are designed for less rigorous road use. For this reason, ask your mechanic to inspect the shocks and advice you if you should replace them or not. Generally, mechanics recommend replacement of shock absorbers for imported used cars.

If you need help with your car, reach out to a local car service.

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