What to Do When Waiting for Roadside Assistance

People who own cars need to prepare adequately for any emergency that can arise while they are on the road. For instance, they should know what to do (or not do) while waiting for the arrival of roadside assistance. This article discusses some of the things that one should do as roadside assistance is on its way.

Confirm Traffic Isn't Blocked

You should make sure that your crippled vehicle isn't blocking traffic. Move the vehicle to the side of the road so that other vehicles can pass. You can push the vehicle to the side of the road in case its engine has stalled and you can't drive it to safety. Removing the vehicle from the way will prevent any accident that could occur if another driver doesn't see your crippled vehicle in time while approaching.

Alert Other Motorists

You should also let other motorists know that your vehicle has a problem. Such advance warning will enable them to be cautious when approaching your vehicle. Place traffic cones behind and in front of your vehicle if you have the cones. You can also engage the double indicators to show motorists that your vehicle has a problem. This message can be conveyed well if you open the bonnet as well and prop it up. 

Note Down Company Details

You should also note down the particulars of the roadside assistance company that responded to your call for help. This information is particularly necessary if you belong to a network that has several tow companies as roadside service providers. Confirm that it is the same company that has come to your aid.

Exit the Vehicle Safely

It may be necessary for you to enter or exit your vehicle while you wait for help. Use the side of your car which is sheltered from the flow of traffic for such entries and exits. For example, the passenger side is usually safe if you parked on the left side of the road if you own a right-hand drive car. 

Avoid making any mistake that can make it harder for the roadside assistance company to reach you. For example, always have your phone close to you so that you can respond to any query that the roadside assistance company may make as they try to find your exact location. Adhere to any suggestions that you are given by the roadside assistance company so that your vehicle can be drivable in the shortest time possible.

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