3 Types of Forklift Tyres

People who are undergoing forklift training are trained to distinguish between the different forklift tyres that can be used on those lift vehicles for various purposes. This article discusses the common types of tyres that may be fitted onto a forklift.

Pneumatic Forklift Tyres

Pneumatic forklift tyres are made from strong rubber and are filled with air. They are similar to the heavy-duty tyres that are common on heavy goods trucks. The pneumatic forklift tyres have deep treads that are thick and wear slowly. This type of forklift tyre is recommended for demanding operations, such as when the forklifts will be moving on rocky ground. The tyre can help to extend the life of the forklift because the air inside the tyre absorbs the shocks that would have compromised the service life of the lift vehicle.

Solid Rubber Tyres

Another type of forklift tyre that you are likely to encounter as a forklift operator is the solid forklift tyre. These tyres are tough and can be used in some rugged outdoor environments. One key benefit of these solid tyres is that operators will never have to deal with flat tyres since the solid tyre cannot develop any punctures in the same way that pneumatic tyres can. Solid tyres are best suited to indoor applications. The tyres can last for long due to the tough materials from which they are made. However, the service life of the forklift can be reduced if this type of tyre is used for long since the vibrations from the road or floor surface will be transmitted quickly to the mechanical components of the lift vehicle.

Polyurethane Forklift Tyres

A polyurethane forklift tyre is best suited for installation on forklifts that are operated indoors because it has the least rolling resistance of all types of forklift tyres. The limited traction of this kind of tyre helps it to last for long. This tyre is also very easy to install since one just has to press it into the wheel. This is unlike the pneumatic tyre that has to be fitted in the same way as tyres are installed on cars.

The forklift licence course that you enroll for will give you additional details about how each of the tyres above can be used on forklifts. Pay close attention during the lessons so that this important component of a forklift doesn't fail while you are carrying various loads. 

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