Which tires are right for your vehicle?

Whether you have damaged your current tyres, find them just too uncomfortable to drive on or would like to upgrade to tyres where the tread lasts longer, upgrading your tyres can have a huge range of benefits for your vehicle. There are many different types on the market, which can make all the options overwhelming for those who do not regularly upgrade and modify their vehicles.

Thankfully, most brands of tyre are widely stocked across the country, meaning they can be easily bought, replaced and serviced as needed. Most Australia garages, mechanics and automotive shops are also very familiar with the nuances of different brands, which ensures that you will be able to get the right assistance for servicing and installing whichever tyres you ultimately buy. However, with an extensive range of tyres available from each brand, it is difficult to know which tyres you should be buying for your vehicle. This is especially important if you are buying online, as you do not want to have the expense of sending back heavy tyres or attempting to fit them, only for them to be completely unsuitable for your needs.

So, how do you know where to start? Below is a basic guide to which tyres suit different types of vehicle and driving style.

High performance driving

When it comes to high performance driving, you should focus on the grip factor of the tyre. Look for tyres, like toyo tyres, which perform exceptionally well on both wet and dry surfaces to ensure that you can really drive them and make the most of having a great car. The downside of high performance tyres however is that what you gain in performance you lose in fuel efficiency.

Every day driving

Whether you are looking for tyres to get you from A to B, or are planning a long trip up the coast, most brands have tyres which are perfect for keeping your family safe on the road. Look for tyres with good fuel efficiency for family budgets, and a long tread life to get the most value in the long term.

Off road and out of town driving

If you are looking for a high performance odd road tyre, you need to balance comfort with grip, especially if you plan to drive around the most muddiest of country routes. Look for tyres which have specially adapted asymmetric tread for extra grip when you first accelerate, and provides exceptional handling to make sure you can give passengers a comfy ride.

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