Tips for Ensuring Your Apartment Complex Always Looks Its Best

If you own or manage an apartment complex, you want to ensure you maintain the grounds properly and keep the property looking its best at all times; this will help to avoid any fines and citations from the city and will also make the property more attractive to potential renters. Note a few details and suggestions that are sometimes overlooked by property owners and managers that can help ensure your apartment complex is always as attractive and as safe as possible.

Invest in a trash compactor

If your tenants are always tossing out more trash than your bins can hold, and you don't want the expense of added trips from your rubbish collection company to empty those bins, consider upgrading to a trash compactor. This type of bin, as the name implies, compacts the trash as needed, so it can then hold more refuse. Compacted trash is also much less likely to blow away if a lid is left open, so your property stays neater and cleaner overall.

Paint the concrete

Keeping a parking lot surface looking its best is a challenge, as cars often drip oil and other fluids, and the concrete might discolour due to exposure from pollution and age. When this happens, you don't always need to face the expense of having a concrete parking lot repaved, as you can often have it painted very quickly and affordably. Concrete paint can cover many of those everyday stains and also allow you to freshen up the lines for parking spaces, fire lanes and the like. This can make the lot look its best while also reducing issues with parking, potentially even reducing accidents or illegally parked cars.

Tow cars

If there are cars, trailers and other items in the lot that are not parked where they should be or that are obviously broken down or abandoned, you need to have these towed as quickly as possible. These types of vehicles are an eyesore, may even attract pests and rodents and may be taking up valuable space that could be used by your tenants and visitors. You'll want to note the regulations in your area for what warnings you need to leave on such vehicles and trailers. Ensure that tenants know their obligations for removing vehicles with no registration or those that are in need of repair, but don't put off having this done as needed. Work with a towing company to learn more.

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